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November Client of the Month: Eden Sauder

We are happy to honor Eden Sauder as our November 2023 NSS Client of the Month!

Eden is a cherished member of the # NSSfamily who consistently pushes her boundaries and embraces the learning process. Eden’s dedication and hard work are just one of the reasons she most certainly deserves this recognition.

Her commitment to her fitness goals is unwavering. Currently, Eden is juggling a career, family, pets, and a new house, yet she still manages to come in and crush her workouts every week!

She quickly provides detailed feedback that helps us write programs that best serve her goals. As well as providing feedback, Eden is also good at receiving feedback.

She does a great job of nailing what success looks like with specific exercises. She is aware that sometimes success looks like putting on a determined face and pushing her limits, and other times, it is learning the intricacies before pushing the envelope.

Congratulations, Eden! We're so excited to see you continue to progress!

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