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Showing Up

To make our body change in any way, we need to do whatever that thing is consistently. Then, like magic - our body adapts.

Yet it isn’t only a physical concept.

When we make the decision to change and begin taking action we are expressing a form of our own values. Values that are stating, "I've committed to something.", "I want this for me.", or "I deserve this.".

So when something comes up, and it may mean that you are going to miss a workout, we would encourage you to do everything you can to still show up.

Now, that forms of showing up may not look exactly like the intended or planned workout on paper.

It may not even be in the gym.

It may only be a few stretches.

But we promise you that if you continue to show up for yourself. To honor that commitment you made to yourself and live your values. Not only will you continue to progress physically, but mentally you can clear some obstacles that may otherwise cause you to stumble.


This is an acronym popularized by Scott Adams that stands for “but of course, there are obvious exceptions.”

We stole this from a friend of NSS, but in regards to showing up, we definitely don’t mean in the way that the warriors from the movie 300 did. Showing up isn’t about pushing through pain and ignoring obvious signs that you need to take a step back.

If you are ever in a situation where the stress of life both mental and physical is beating you down and you're not sure if you should be pushing it at the gym. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. We can help guide you through that process and make sure that you can still show up and get a little better yet again.

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