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What Does an NSS Athlete Session Look Like?

We get asked all the time what goes into our Athlete Enhancement Program. This is how a typical Athlete Program session breaks down.

The first part of every session will involve fieldwork, in which we will learn the technique and practice the skills involved in a change of direction and speed/acceleration. This looks like a lot of starts/stop cone drills and different types of sprint drills.

The second part is strength training, where we'll hit all the major muscle groups in a variety of different ways and speeds, from slower, heavier lifts like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses, to lighter, quicker movements like cleans, jumps, and hops.

Then we usually end every session with some higher rep movements in specific areas athletes tend to see injuries occur in order to help them build some fatigue resistance in those areas.

All this is done to better help the athlete be prepared for any situation they may see from a physical demands standpoint.

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