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Exercises to do Now to Help Your Golf Game This Summer.

The snow is melting, so golfing is getting closer by the day! Which ALSO means it is time to start priming your body for your golf swing.

No better time to start now with improving your power, mobility, and flexibility. Here are some key aspects and just a few examples of exercises you can do:

Core strength with rotation.

A great way to work the stabilizers of your trunk while also promoting rotation. This improved core strength can aid in stability which in turn aids in power. And not to mentioned increased core strength with likely improve posture and flexibility.

A few examples of these exercises are...

Core power with rotation.

Power is certainly a crucial component of your golf game. Getting power work in the gym before the season can help transfer into club head speed, accuracy, enhanced balance and reduced risk of injury.

Try these exercises...

Mobility in the thoracic spine (i.e. upper back), shoulders, and hips.

Thoracic spine mobility is very important because shoulder and hip mobility is often poor if the t-spine is lagging. Increased mobility in ALL of these joints will help increase your effective range of motion, can improve swing mechanics, aid in power and speed and generally promote better fitness and well being.

Some examples look like...

Feel free to ask a coach if you can do anything in your program to prime your golf swing.

We are always here to help you reach whatever goals you may have!

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