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January Client of the Month: Eric Gronholz

We are happy to honor Eric Gronholz as our January 2024 NSS Client of the Month!

Eric has been a pillar of consistency since returning to us in the summer of 2022. He rarely misses a workout. He shows up, works hard, and does it again the next workout.

That consistency has led to Eric seeing amazing progress in the gym, with gains in strength and muscle and dropping over 20 pounds. He works incredibly hard in the gym but ensures his nutrition complements his goals.

In addition, the consistency makes it very difficult to challenge Eric. Eric rarely finds an exercise particularly hard, even if weight or reps are added. Due to him not missing sessions and being diligent both in and out of the gym, his body responds well and can continue to push for a long time.

Finally, when Eric is in the gym, his unconditional positive attitude and smile affect everyone working near him, unintentionally bringing up the energy and enjoyment of his workout mates.

Way to go Strongholz!

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