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March Client of the Month: Carver Larson

We are proud to honor Carver Larson as our March 2022 NSS Client of the Month!

Even before we had the privilege of working with Carver, we were aware of his work ethic and golf talent. Upon beginning with NSS he has done nothing but confirm that, by approaching every session with a level of focus and intentionality that is enviable. Now, Carver still has fun razzing his sister and dancing a bit to the music, but when it’s time to lift, he puts on his game face and gets it done! Take into consideration the fact that he is just a teenager and it makes his approach all that more impressive. Years of fine tuning his golf game have created a mindset of perfection and a focus on the details. Combining this with his coachability allows us to give Carver the tiniest of cues at times during workouts that help to fine tune a movement or drill that we are working on in the gym. Carver came in with the goal of getting stronger and putting on muscle mass and he has excelled at achieving these goals. Let’s take his trap bar deadlift for example, a personal favorite of his, that we have slowly and steadily worked up to a comfortable lift currently double his bodyweight! However, the most impressive attribute we see in Carver just might be the appreciation of the process. He understood that he wasn’t going to get that strong overnight and has been comfortable putting in the work and practice to build an extremely solid base enabling him to put up these numbers. Let’s take a moment to talk about the body mass that he has been able to put on his frame. Not only was Carver patient and intentional about getting his sessions in at the gym, but he has also been extremely receptive to subtle nutrition guidance. Simple things such as what to eat after a workout or ways he can add a few quality calories during his day. He’s taken suggestion and applied it to his every day. Carver, we can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to be a part of your strength and conditioning team. You make the gym a better place when you’re in it and we always appreciate your team mindset when it comes to cheering on others who are in the gym with you.

Keep working hard and staying focused and you will achieve whatever you put your mind to Carver!

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