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November Client of the Month: Mark Watkins

We are proud to honor Mark Watkins as our November 2021 NSS Client of the Month!

There are many #NSSfamily members that have made significant impact on the NSS culture, the gym in general and even NSS as a business. But Mark definitely floats near the very top of that list!

As a dedicated #NSSfamily member since 2012 Mark not only has been adamant about consistently pursuing his goals, but he has been a helpful mentor on business decisions, being generous with his time and guidance as NSS continues to pursue success.

Mark also is a leader when it comes to our #NSSImpact mission. Making sure to always be involved throughout the year when we are looking to help with Dollars for Scholars, Relay for Life or the other NSS causes.

Just that in and of itself warrants Mark being our November Client of the Month. But what absolutely cements this decision is how Mark has, and continues to, pursue his primary goal. Being healthy, fit, strong and prepared to archery hunt all over the world.

It takes as extreme amount of preparation, fitness and resilience to be able to do what Mark does. Hiking over some of the most rugged terrain and elevations toting a pack full of gear and a bow. Sleeping in tents out in the elements, belly crawling hundreds of yards in pursuit of a bedded animal or packing out hundreds of pounds of meat after a successful hunt.

Which Mark knows you cannot do by simply just showing up, it takes years of consistent gym work. Something Mark had fully committed to over these past near 10 years. Focusing on full body strength, leg and core endurance, and metabolic and cardiovascular fitness.

If you’ve seen Mark train you know he doesn’t pull any punches or save it for anything. He is 100% committed to the plan with his end goal always in mind. But, in spite of his extreme focus, Mark still finds time to light up the gym during his early morning sessions. Not missing a single greeting, spending the time to visit, share stories, or rib those he is training with and the gym as a whole.

Mark, we can’t thank you enough for your impact on NSS and focus on your craft. It’s a true pleasure getting the opportunity to work with you!

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