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Training the Athlete - Consistency in Training

We often get asked what we do in our Athletic Enhancement Programs. To be clear, we feel that what we do is specifically designed to better an athlete within their sport, and it’s backed by research and experience in the field.

But something that’s much more important than how good a training program is for an athlete is – are they doing the program? Second, how often are they doing the program? The most amazing training program in the world isn’t going to benefit anyone if it doesn’t get used any better than eyeglasses won’t help a person who needs them if they’re not being worn.

An athlete who completes a training program 1 time a week will likely see benefits, especially immediately. But bump that up to 2 times a week. The benefits will be much greater (roughly twice as much). Push that to 3 sessions per week; the benefits will be hard to miss quickly.

Think of it like sand on a beach. If you were asked to remove sand from a beach and given a 1-gallon bucket, how long would it take to get all that sand off the beach if you only took 1 bucket off each week? If you bump that number to 2-3 buckets per week, it doesn’t take as long (though to be clear, it would likely still take a LONG TIME).

However, training for an athlete also has a compounding effect – it builds on itself. The more an athlete trains, the more that athlete can do and handle.

Using the beach sand analogy, you can do serious damage if you take sand off the beach every time you are given a bigger bucket until you are eventually given a front-end loader and dump truck.

Training for the athlete—yes, a solid program is important. However, it is just as important to follow the program consistently. We want to take loader-sized buckets off that beach, not sand-toy buckets.

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