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$49 Strength Technique Camp

Our 3 day Strength Technique Camp runs the week of December 6th. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Have your athlete come learn keys to safely performing strength lifts, and build confidence, in our 3-day Strength Technique Camp.

Here we will teach athletes the starting points and technique on major strength lifts in a safe and controlled environment.

The goal IS to have athletes learn proper technique so they can walk into any weight room (when the time is right) with confidence.

The goal IS NOT to load students up heavy on lifts and get as strong as possible in the week.

We will prioritize our 3 sessions on learning, understanding, and getting ahead of the curve for future weight room endeavors.

Over the years at NSS we have seen those that have a sense for what the main strength lifts are and have been schooled on them, can see results sooner and safer than others who haven't.

We are limiting enrollment to the Strength Technique Camp to 12 athletes in grades 6th to 12th, and it will cost $49.

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