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Don’t Lose Perspective

In training, it is easy for clients to lose perspective on progress. Today, your goal in reading this is to take a step back and regain perspective on where you are at with your fitness journey.

And most likely determine (especially if you have found your way to this blog) that you are further along and doing better, than you are giving yourself credit for.

First, let’s look at the definition of progress: To improve or develop over time, to move forward or toward a place.

In reading these, it’s important to notice that the definition of progress has a time component associated with it. It is not a process completed overnight, over a few weeks, or sometimes even a few months.

Unfortunately, we often see a loss of perspective with clients regarding their goals and progress. Whether the goal is body composition change, strength, or endurance, more often than not, clients get caught “in the moment” of where they are currently with said goal. And are in need of a coach or mentor to regain perspective and realize where they are in the chain of progress.

It’s very easy to focus on where you are now and look ahead into the future when it comes to goals instead of taking an A to B look at how you have progressed. If you have already embarked on your journey, take 2 minutes right now to write down whatever you can remember about the first days of your path to health and fitness.

Not only your quantitative measurements and weight but your mindset, your attitude, your confidence, your energy, your pain levels, how you ate, your knowledge of health-related things, your group of friends, your posture, anything! We will wait…

Now consider where you are at right now…and look at all the things you have written and how much different (and most certainly better) they are.

This is a true apples-to-apples comparison and great to help you gain perspective on how well you are doing and give some credit to the process, not only focusing on “the next goal”.

If you are just about to begin, we want you to make this same list and reference it in 3 months, 6 months, and 2 years and see how much you have accomplished, transformed and bettered yourself.

So remember, take credit for your progress, and don’t judge it against your end goal.

You are doing more amazing things than you are giving yourself credit for.

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