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How Often Should I Be Working Out??

This question came up in a Kick Off Consult yesterday and it's one that we field quite often here at the gym.

While there is no magic number that guarantees health and happiness, a good "shoot for" goal is FIVE times per week.

Now, this doesn't mean you have to be crushing it at NSS every single day we are open. But it does mean you probably want to find a few other days (in addition to your workouts with us) to be intentional about activity.

It might not even be lifting or "gym" stuff you do on these other days. Instead, think about things you AREN'T doing with us (ex. a nice long bike ride, a yoga session, a jog, swimming, heck...even dancing.

Doing these things with purpose between your NSS sessions and on weekends is going to land you right in the sweet spot of active minutes per week and will only work to compound how fast your results are and how great you are feeling!

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