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February Clients of the Month: Joy and Jerrod Hammerback

We are proud to honor Joy and Jerrod Hammerback as our February 2022 NSS Clients of the Month!

Joy and Jerrod Hammerback didn’t need NSS to stay accountable to their workouts. They joined NSS to add another dimension to their training routine AND to do it together.

When Joy and Jerrod walk through the doors of NSS they bring two very different vibes.

Joy is laser focused and packs as much work into her 30-minute session as she physically can. Her workouts are fast paced but she continues to push herself to get stronger, dial in her form, and try new things.

Jerrod on the other hand spends a little more time chatting with his fellow early risers and is quick to meet and greet those people working out around him. That doesn’t mean Jerrod isn’t working hard. Jerrod’s workouts are similar to Joy’s, mixing a fast pace with heavy weights.

When it comes to programming for Joy she has great ideas to add to her program (some would call them a little sadistic!). She also continues to push herself to reach new strength goals.

When you ask Jerrod what he would like to see in his programs the answer is always the same “whatever you think is best”. He goes with the flow and is curious as to why a specific exercise was chosen, but never questions the reasons.

Jerrod and Joy have very different approaches to their workouts, but what they share is consistency, dedication, and hard work.

Congratulations, and thank you for being a wonderful part of the #NSSfamily Jerrod and Joy!!

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