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It's Officially Upon Us!!!

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

What is it?

The final 6 weeks of the year.

That super volatile time for exercise and health consistency between Thanksgiving and New Year's.

You undoubtedly have social obligations, family expectations, potential work deadlines, gift shopping, hosting, cooking....and ALL THE THINGS ABOUT THE HOLIDAYS WE ARE FORGETTING.

Which are fun - but also carry their own little bit (or lots) of stress.

Keeping that in mind, what's your plan to maintain some semblance of consistency in this crazy 6 week period?

  • Stick with an accountability group?

  • Write down some specific goals for this time period.

  • Get up early on holidays and do some movement?

  • Enjoy holiday meals, but keep it to one solid meal vs grazing?

  • Pound some water between beers?

  • Gather the family for a holiday walk(s).

Start thinking about this NOW so you can feel great as you turn the calendar into 2024!

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