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April Client of the Month: Eric Haug

We are happy to honor Eric Haug as our April 2024 NSS Client of the Month!

Meet Eric Haug, our April 2024 Client of the Month, whose journey with us in our NSS to GO program has been nothing short of inspiring. For the past two years, Eric has exemplified what it means to be a dedicated online client, embodying persistence, curiosity, and an unwavering commitment to his health and fitness journey.

From day one, Eric has demonstrated an unparalleled level of consistency, by almost never missing a workout session. This dedication has yielded remarkable results, particularly in his main three barbell lifts – squat, bench, and deadlift. Through his steadfast efforts, Eric has achieved significant strength gains, showcasing the power of consistent commitment.

But Eric's journey extends beyond pure strength. He has also embraced the challenge of mastering technical movements at home with his kettlebell. From initially not even owning a kettlebell to proficiently executing exercises like the swing and single-arm snatch, Eric's willingness to learn and grow has been truly commendable.

What sets Eric apart is his openness to coaching and his proactive approach to overcoming obstacles. He isn't afraid to invest in his wellness journey, carefully curating a garage gym that reflects his dedication and commitment to progress. Whether it's seeking advice on equipment or adjusting his training regimen, Eric consistently seeks ways to optimize his performance and push his boundaries.

Eric's journey with NSS is a testament to the transformative power of consistency, dedication, and a positive mindset. We are proud to honor Eric Haug as our April 2024 Client of the Month and celebrate his remarkable achievements. 

Congratulations, Eric, on your well-deserved recognition – keep shining bright!

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