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March Client of the Month: Carolin Holbrook

We are happy to honor Carolin Holbrook as our March 2024 NSS Client of the Month!

Carolin has been a longtime #NSSfamily member (more than 5 years!), but lately, we noticed she had quietly been racking up sessions.

She joined our evening classes right off the bat last October and casually added those 2 weekly workouts to her usual 3-morning sessions.

Carolin always makes sure to reschedule her workouts if she misses one and communicates if she needs to change her time. 5 visits per week take COMMITMENT; Carolin has been a shining example.

Her consistency led us to notice she had put in 19 sessions with us in January when we were only open for 22 days!

When February turned out to be more of the same, it became obvious that we needed to recognize her incredible effort. Carolin’s commitment has led to massive improvements in Trapbar deadlift and kettlebell squat exercises.

On top of being a veritable workhorse, Carolin is an absolute delight whenever she’s in the gym. Her infectious charisma is always appreciated, especially in the early mornings.

She’s always smiling, bantering with other clients, ribbing her coaches a little, and making it more fun for ALL of us to be here.

We love that great attitude, Carolin!

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