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May Client of the Month: Noah Hommerding

We are proud to honor Noah Hommerding as our May 2021 NSS Client of the Month!

Noah has been a wonderful addition to the #NSSfamily for a year and a half. In getting to know Noah throughout that time, we have seen an unwavering level of effort, a consistency rivaled by few, and an overall prioritization and focus on his health, fitness and wellness.

From the first days of his time with us Noah has showed genuine interest in what we are doing, and why we are doing it. This level of true ownership is a definite sign of someone looking to make changes, and someone who is approaching it with a long-term mindset.

Speaking of long-term mindset, Noah has come to focus on all areas where he is seeing improvement, not dedicating one specific metric as more important than the other. Rather, appreciating ALL of the changes he is seeing.

From a change in body weight and shape, to an ability to perform specific exercises with heavy load and under fatigue, and maybe most importantly, how being focused on fit and healthy have allowed him to do things outside of the gym with much less perceived effort.

You will find Noah consistently rocking workouts at NSS 3 times per week and owning things like 1:00 minute planks, medicine ball slams into the triple digits and bike intervals that have him hammering away at more than 40 mph.

Noah also makes time to stay active around his property and strives for a consistent 10,000 steps even when his job behind the desk calls for more than half his day.

In addition to his level of effort, there is no doubt Noah is a beacon of fun and family within the walls of NSS. Greeting and joking with anyone and everyone with whom he crosses paths, with, Noah can bring out the best in just about anyone.

Noah, you beautiful beast, we couldn’t be prouder to have you as part of the #NSSfamily and are excited to see you continue to walk your fitness path!

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