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May Clients of the Month: Bobbi Jo & David Sellnow

We are proud to honor Bobbi Jo & David Sellnow as our May 2023 NSS Clients of the Month!

Bobbi started training with NSS in the fall of 2021 to exercise alongside her son. In the summer of 2022, when her son joined the Summer Athlete Program, Bobbi got David to join her, and the rest is history!

Both are incredibly motivated individuals in their own right. They do a great job of pushing each other each day. While some days aren’t the easiest for one or the other, having an accountability buddy allows them to make it to the gym at 6 am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Wednesday’s partner conditioning is where Bobbi and David play motivator and cheerleader for each other. Whether on the sled or in a medicine ball circuit, one gets to work while the other rests (and positively motivates)!

They bring positivity to each other’s workouts, and David and Bobbi bring that energy and passion to the gym. As you might imagine, 6 am sometimes isn’t the easiest time to get in a workout, but they bring humor and a smile into every workout. That, in turn, feeds to others around them.

Bobbi and David’s consistency, energy, and hard work make them an easy pick for our May client(s) of the month.

Thank you, Bobbi and David, for being an #NSSfamily power couple!

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