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October Client of the Month: Nate Larson

We are happy to honor Nate Larson as our October 2023 NSS Client of the Month!

Nate is an exemplary member of the #NSSfamily and deserves recognition as our October Client of the Month. Regardless of his circumstances outside the gym, as soon as Nate enters the building, he is ready to get after his workout.

His go-getter attitude is inspiring and infectious to those around him. Along with a positive attitude, Nate is a hard worker. He consistently looks to challenge himself and knows that a bit of progress towards his goals every workout goes a long way.

Despite his busy life, he has been able to get into the gym consistently and always makes a point to give us a heads-up if he can not. During setbacks, Nate will focus on giving a hundred percent to what he CAN do.

On top of his efforts in the gym, Nate makes a point to actively engage and cheer on other members of the #NSSfamily. People like Nate contribute significantly to the inclusive and motivating environment we strive to provide at Noonan's.

Nate, we have all enjoyed coaching you and are glad you are getting the recognition you have earned!

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