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Pregnancy and Strength Training Considerations

In the past we've posted about some benefits of strength training during pregnancy. Today we want to dive deeper into some exercise guidelines per trimester, specifically the 1st trimester.

While each pregnancy is different, there are some things we can gather about how your body changes in the first trimester that will affect your ability to exercise.

Although many women will experience various symptoms at differing levels, one of the most common is caused by a surge of hormones in the body. These hormones tend to cause symptoms of nausea and moodiness. Fatigue is also common.

While your body is undergoing such significant change in a short amount of time, it may need extra rest for the energy it uses.

The consensus is that whatever you were doing before pregnancy, it is safe to continue into your first trimester. It is also considered safe to start exercising, of course with your physician's approval. Although now is not the time to run a marathon or participate in a powerlifting meet if you've never trained for one.

The priority of strength training during pregnancy is not to beat personal records or compete. The priority is eventually delivering a healthy baby into the world after a safe and complication-free pregnancy.

With that in mind, here are some guidelines for your 1st trimester:

  • Get approval from your physician

  • Don't overheat, and stay well hydrated

  • Listen to your body

While it can be hard to "Listen to your body," it is important to remember that every pregnancy is unique, and you know your body best.

If a certain movement doesn't feel good, replace it. If training in the morning doesn't work because you are sick, train in the evening. During pregnancy, even more, than ever, you should try to tune into your body's specific needs.

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