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September Client of the Month: Tim Schoonhoven

We are happy to honor Tim Schoonhoven as our September 2023 NSS Client of the Month!

Tim is our Client of the Month for September due to his remarkable journey from severe back pain to completing two triathlons!

Before coming to NSS, he worked out regularly, but always in the form of endurance work: swimming, biking, and running were his staples.

However, he had become plagued by back spasms. They prevented him from doing triathlons and regularly impacted his daily life.

Adding resistance training to his workout routine was brand new to Tim, and it wasn’t without setbacks as we learned what his body would tolerate.

However, thanks to workout consistency and Tim’s valuable feedback, he made steady progress on his path over time.

He has now been able to get back to doing what he loves. A significant milestone in Tim's journey was his return to triathlons earlier this summer after feeling like he might never get to do one again.

His unwavering dedication and positive attitude have inspired all of us! Tim's story is a testament to perseverance and a positive outlook.

Congratulations, Tim, on being our Client of the Month. Your journey is truly inspiring. Keep up the fantastic work!

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