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The Hierarchy of Fat Loss

If fat loss is your goal, this handy little infographic lays out the most important pieces of that.

The foundation tells you what you probably already know: focus on your nutrition first.

You know what to do here: cut out the "junky extras" more days than not, and build your meals around protein and vegetables as often as possible.

If you've got that dialed in, are you getting enough sleep? You know how much you need to feel great.

And is it quality sleep? Blackout curtains and shutting off screens are big pieces of improving quality!

Yes, we know some of the contributing factors to poor sleep are out of your control - kids or night shifts or being on call will work against you, but improve what and where you can.

If you've done what you can with nutrition and sleep, next look at your stress levels.

Can you cut out some things that are draining you?

Or maybe add therapy to help you cope with the stress you can't eliminate?

Daily movement doesn't mean intentional exercise. It means all that little stuff you do throughout the day - taking the stairs, parking at the far end of the lot, cleaning the house, yard work, etc.

Each piece of that is small, but it adds up when you do it daily - just like one little snowflake ain't much, but you darn well know what happens when they band together.

And training, like coming to NSS, is actually the smallest piece.

Yes, it will increase your muscle size and give you stronger bones, tendons, ligaments, and a fitter cardiovascular system - not to mention positively impacting your mental health!

But it will have a relatively low impact on fat storage - so you need to work on the other aspects here to shed fat faster.

We'd love to tell you that coming to NSS three times per week will create plenty of fat loss, but the reality is that what you are doing the other 165 hours of your week will have a much bigger impact.

However, we can still help with those other things while you're here!

We have many ideas, advice, and past experience with what has worked for us and others, and we are always willing to help you work through new habits.

Finally - remember that this is only referring to FAT LOSS. If that isn't your goal, then this isn't your hierarchy!

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