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14 Year Anniversary Letter to the #NSSfamily

Thank you.

Since you are reading this we know you are a supporter of the #NSSfamily and THANK YOU is simply the most important message we want to share today, on what is the 14 year anniversary of NSS.

As we are sure it was for you, this past year at NSS was a challenge to say the least.

We basically had to rebuild a brick and mortar fitness facility to an online training operation. (to continue to serve clients during the 17 total weeks we were closed to in house training in 2020).

Then transition to an outdoor training operation.

Finally to an extremely retooled in house setup.

However, through all of it, no matter what was thrown at us, we truly felt the love and support of everyone in our lives.

Everyone was amazingly supportive and understanding as we navigated our way towards the "new normal".

For this fact we were luckily able to maintain our entire staff throughout 2020.

In fact, we leaned on our staff more than ever this year to help us continue to be creative in how we could serve you, the #NSSfamily.

No doubt they did not disappoint.

Whether it was brainstorming solutions, coming up with completely new and novel ideas to serve clients, doing things outside of their job description (like repainting the entire gym … there is A LOT of wall space here!) or working full time schedules online from home.

Now, as we look back over the past 12 months and celebrate the competition of our 14th year in business, coaching clients in Alexandria, we are nothing less than grateful for everything we have been blessed with.

We get the chance to do what we love every single day. Which is work with clients on becoming the best version of themselves. Often times we coaches gain as much benefit from this as clients do.

We work alongside an amazing team of passionate, experienced, super smart and genuinely caring coaches.

We get to do it in a city that has always been supportive of health, fitness and wellness.

For all of that, we are extremely thankful.

To you specifically we owe a sincere thanks for your part in everything over the past year (and in fact, the past 14 years)!

Thank you!!

In Health,

Mike and Dustin

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