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5 Tips For Staying Motivated During Your Workouts

👉 Set realistic expectations for the day.

Each workout day is going to be different. No matter how much we may want to work like a machine and have everything tracked on a linear pattern - that's simply just not how it goes. So take a quick assessment on your drive to the gym each day to lay out realistic expectations for the workout.

Didn't sleep great? Probably not the best day to expect a personal best on pushups.

Feeling a bit of stress from a work deadline? The realistic expectation might simply be getting through each set for the day.

End of the week, the sun is shining bright, and you are excited about a long weekend? Set those expectations a little higher and get after it!

👉Track your progress.

Knowing where you came from and where you are now can be a huge motivational factor for workouts over time. As coaches, we work hard on giving that level of info because, naturally, as humans, we tend to keep our eyes on the future and what is to come versus reflecting on where we have been.

Having a sense of, and discussions around, progress can be super helpful. If you need some of this perspective, ask your coach next time in the gym.

👉Try new exercises to keep things fresh.

Not looking forward to what is on the docket for the day? Don't be afraid to shake it up. Those (insert dreaded exercise) can wait. Rather than skip an entire day at the gym because of it, sub them out. Nobody will have hard feelings, and you will feel great about still getting a session in.

👉 Connect with other #NSSfamily members.

A HUGE motivator we have seen in our 16 years of coaching is when clients connect and converse while at the gym. Getting to know those in the pods near you will bring another level of accountability (even beyond having your coach ready and waiting for you). Who knows, you might even find your spouse here...yes, that has happened! 💍

👉 Remember why you started.

When you just aren't feeling it, remind yourself of the "why" behind getting started in the first place. Whether it's to improve your health markers, have the stamina to keep up with the kids, or be ready for that trip of a lifetime. Reflecting on that "why" can help you stay focused and motivated to keep working.

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