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April Client of the Month: Barb Hillenbrand

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

We are proud to honor Barb Hillenbrand as our April 2023 NSS Client of the Month!

Barb has been a member of NSS for just over a year now, and she has consistently impressed us with her hard work, positive attitude, and contagious smile.

Barb is a shining example of what it means to be a dedicated gym-goer. She is always on time for her sessions, rarely misses a workout, and is always willing to push herself to new levels. We have seen her progress significantly in her fitness journey, and it's clear that Barb takes her health and wellness seriously.

But not just her dedication to fitness makes Barb stand out. She brings a sense of positivity and joy to each session, always greeting others with a smile and encouraging words. Her enthusiasm for exercise is infectious, and she has a way of motivating others around her while having fun with them.

Barb is a fantastic team player. She gets along well with everyone she works out with, and we often see her chatting with other members and cheering them on during their workouts. Her friendly and approachable demeanor makes her a valuable asset to the #NSSfamily, and we feel fortunate to have her as a member.

In short, Barb embodies everything we love about fitness and the NSS experience. She is committed, hardworking, positive, and a great teammate.

We couldn't be more thrilled to honor her as our Client of the Month, and we are sure her example will continue to inspire others!

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