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August Client of the Month: Courtney Illies

We are proud to honor Courtney Illies as our August 2021 NSS Client of the Month!

Courtney has been an ever-smiling part of the #NSSfamily for over 3 years now! In that time, she has shown an amazing attitude towards her health and fitness, overcame setbacks and surgeries, and all in all been a wonderfully encouraging and engaged part of NSS.

As a former collegiate athlete Courtney knows what it takes to perform at a high level, and she has used a similar passion and drive when it comes to prioritizing her activity and exercise into adulthood.

In the years we have known Courtney, we have seen her have to schedule workouts around crazy shift work, 2+ hour commutes, on call nights and weekends, a large-scale knee surgery and even a newborn!

Despite all of this Courtney continuously finds a way to fit in her workouts, actively communicating when she is available and continuing to show up when she says she is going to.

Her ability to pick up on new movements, her attitude towards getting better at them, and her want and willingness to become stronger overall is inspiring and she certainly leads by example to others working out alongside her.

In addition to the physical impressiveness we have seen from Courtney, her most special attribute may simply be her infectious attitude, optimism, sense of humor and welcoming of the community that truly embodies the #NSSfamily.

Courtney, thank you for being a long term and exceptional part of the #NSSfamily!!

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