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August Client of the Month: Paige Bruzik

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

We are happy to honor Paige Bruzik as our August 2023 NSS Client of the Month!

Paige started with NSS in a rather unconventional way - by receiving an extended trial membership from her employer. Not only did she take full advantage of that gift by coming 3 times a week, but she continued to come in 3 times a week after that trial!

She provides excellent feedback to her coaches, has been able to increase her workload in the time she’s here, and continued to come in for workouts while she worked through some knee pain and issues in 2022.

As a former college athlete, she knows the value of consistency and setting goals for herself. This has helped her in being able to do more when she’s in the gym and accomplish the goals she sets for herself - both in the gym and outside the gym!

Paige is always sure to reschedule a workout if one of her typical days doesn’t work so she can keep up with the consistency.

Working with you during the lunch hour is a pleasure, Paige! Thanks for your continued commitment to NSS!

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