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How To Expect Progress As An Athlete

As an athlete, you have to practice your sport in order to be any good at it. You don’t just show up and start draining 3-pointers after taking a year off (I mean, it’s possible, but you practiced A LOT before that year off).

So, if an athlete wants to be quick/fast/strong, but doesn’t put in the consistent work to attain that, how can they possibly expect progress?

We would much rather see an athlete 2-3 days a week, every week, just quietly and consistently punching the clock with all of the speed drills and lifts, not necessarily KILLING it in any one session.

That will far outpace an athlete coming once every few weeks and destroying themselves but then can’t make it back for another week or two.

The body is going to get good at that which it is asked to do most. If it’s asked to squat once every few weeks, it’s not going to get very good at squatting. That translates to not being very good at producing force in the lower body, which an athlete can benefit from greatly.

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