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June Clients of the Month: Vern & Judy Anderson

We are proud to honor Vern & Judy Anderson as our June 2022 NSS Clients of the Month!

Vern and Judy Anderson started their journey with NSS over 5 years ago. They both came in with goals of getting stronger and eliminating some of the aches and pains that were plaguing them day to day. By following the NSS Core Values, Vern and Judy have been able to make sustainable lasting changes for their health and wellbeing.

1. The #NSSfamily experience is number one.

Both Vern and Judy came in with contraindications and were very nervous to try new movements. After careful exercise selection and some trial and error, both of them have been able to find a variety of movements that work well for them.

2. We are fitness funfessionals.

If you ask Judy how she is feeling every morning she will tell you “with her fingers”. Sessions with Vern and Judy are FUN! The Andersons’ bring energy and humor to their early morning workout sessions.

Watch out though, mighty things come in small packages. Judy is feisty and if you give her any grief she will dish it right back which brings even more fun and enjoyment to the gym. Who says workouts should be boring and serious.

3. We thrive when you thrive.

You will be hard-pressed to find two individuals who are more consistent than Vern and Judy. This consistency has made a huge difference in eliminating lingering aches and pains and the strength gains that they have both made are impressive.

4. Our passion is learning, playing, and improving.

Vern and Judy continue to evolve, get stronger, and build endurance. Once they have mastered a movement they are looking to increase their load or reps to continue to challenge themselves. Not only have Vern and Judy both gained upper and lower body strength they have drastically increased their work capacity and their ability to complete daily living activities with ease.

The Anderson’s are the epitome of what the #NSSfamily is all about. They come into every session with a smile and encourage and congratulate all they meet.

Congratulations Vern and Judy and thank you for being part of the #NSSfamily!

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