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March Client of the Month: Ryan Voigt

We are proud to honor Ryan Voigt as our March 2021 NSS Client of the Month!

If the person in the pod next to you is smiling and wearing some kind of Wisconsin apparel you probably just met your new friend and our March client of the month, Ryan Voigt.

Each week Ryan comes in with a willingness to learn, a desire to get better, and a genuine curiosity and interest in those people who are in the gym working alongside him.

This magical combination has allowed Ryan to not only have success in the gym but has allowed him to form connections with his fellow #NSSfamily members and all of us on the team here at NSS.

A lot of those qualities were strained in the last year when Ryan had to spend an extended amount of time at home working out on his own in his basement.

Yet, Ryan found a way to continue to work diligently towards his goals.

Not only maintaining his original twice a week workout format, but even adding an additional workout each week!

His dedication not only put him in a position to maintain his strength and conditioning while out of the gym, but he continued to make progress.

When he made his triumphant return in February that consistency allowed him to catapult to heavier weights and higher intensities as his body was primed for more.

Ryan has been an absolute treasure inside and outside of NSS and we couldn’t be happier to have him in the #NSSfamily.

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