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November Client of the Month: Bailee Hovland

We are proud to honor Bailee Hovland as our November 2022 NSS Client of the Month!

Rain, shine (or broken wrist!) Bailee is the picture of consistency and dedication to her workouts. She never misses a session or fails to bring a “get it done” attitude.

Not only is Bailee crushing it each session, but she is doing so all while juggling a crazy work schedule and navigating the stressors that high school brings.

Bailee’s ability to show up on the good, bad, or ugly days never fails to inspire us, making it a true privilege to work with her. Seeing how confident she has become both in and outside of the gym also continually impresses us.

Whether it is pulling 145lbs during a sled drag or grabbing the next set of dumbbells, Bailee is not afraid to push herself physically and mentally when it comes to lifting heavy things.

Thank you Bailee for being such a valuable member of the #NSSfamily. We look forward to seeing BIG things come your way in 2023.

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