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We wanted to take a bit of your time to brag about our amazingly generous #NSSfamily, and the impact being made on our local community.

A year and a half ago, we created the IMPACT Circle.

This is a monthly giving program that allows you to add any amount to your regular monthly payment, and that extra amount is given to a local charity.

We'd love to share a tiny bit about who we've helped over the past few months.

In April, we sent $408 to Legal Services of Northwest Minnesota.

They advise and represent people with low incomes, in civil cases critical to daily life.

If you'd like to learn more about what they do, find all the details right here:

In May, we passed along $310 to the Friends of the Library.

You may have shopped their VERY popular book sale, but they do even more than that!

Take a look at those things here:

In June, we felt lucky to give a whopping $615 to Dasha.

She was a typical high school foreign exchange student here in Alex when her country was invaded. She became "stuck" here and unable to go home.

She still needs help, and you can help her here:

In July, we sent $303 to the Alexandria Response Fund, managed by the Alexandria Area Community Foundation, which helped with all the spring storm damage.

Find more info on how the AACF helps our community here:

In August, we sent $289 over to the Runestone Museum Foundation.

Not only is their museum full of educational artifacts, they also host fun events like Christmas in the Fort - coming VERY soon!

Find more info about their many programs here:

In September, we sent $310 to the Andria Theatre.

This downtown gem has shows on the docket that you should VERY definitely check out here:

In October, we sent $292 to the Fostering Love Foster Closet.

This wonderful organization provides for the immediate needs of foster and adoptive families. Clothes and toys and other basics that your kiddos have outgrown would be most welcome - find info here:

FINAL update: earlier in November, we sent $307 to the Alexandria Small Mall.

This unique little event lets children shop for gifts for their families, at very low prices (like 25 cents!). This gives kids the opportunity to feel like Santa Claus for their families.

You can talk about the joy of giving, but this event is a perfect way to teach it! They also need helpful volunteers. Find all of the details here:

Whew! Okay, we'll stop there.

That's 8 months of sending funds to make an impact on Alexandria, to the tune of $2824. And the majority of those funds came from an average monthly donation size of just $8!

If you're not currently in our IMPACT Circle, it's super duper easy to join our 44 monthly donors - simply reply today to get started.

And remember: it doesn't have to be a big amount. We love our $1/month donors just as much as our $10/month donors!

Our December donation will push our lifetime IMPACT Circle total past $6000.

We are so grateful to everyone who is participating in this giving program:

Can't give it at this time?

We totally understand.

Help us magnify the impact in a no-cost way: hit reply and tell us your favorite local charity that we should put on our list.

Our January funds are not yet committed and will soon be looking for a charity to go to!

The #NSSfamily uses fitness as a catalyst to positively impact lives.

That's our mission statement, and the IMPACT Circle is a perfect example of it.

The many fitness achievements of our clients lay the foundation for our success, which allows us to facilitate fundraising projects like IMPACT Circle, which channels our collective power to create a lasting impact on our community.

It is a beautiful upward spiral, and we are so very grateful to be a part of it.

THANK YOU to all, for your big muscles and your HUGE hearts!

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