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Relay for Life Fundraiser at NSS

As you might know, it's Relay Week in Alexandria, and at NSS.

To learn a bit more about it, CHECK THIS OUT.

But today's post is in response to a wild (and super exciting) update. We have a MATCHING GRANT CHALLENGE from a generous donor. Our previous team goal was $5000. Now it's $7500. And if WHEN we hit it, we have someone who will donate an additional $2500 to make it TEN GRAND!

Told you it was WILD!

THE CATCH: we have to raise $7500 first ourselves.

If we only raise $ match.


If you haven't already donated, now is the time to do it!

Give $5, and it will become $10!

Give $25, and it will become $50!

Give $50, and it will become $100!

It's always true that every single dollar helps, but this time every single dollar creates DOUBLE the impact!

Again, donating is SO SUPER EASY!

  • You can email (, with the amount you want to donate, and Sabrina can run it to your account on file (if you have one).

  • You can donate directly to our Relay for Life team online HERE if you don’t have a payment option on file or want to use a different one, OR if you need an IRS-approved receipt for tax reasons.

  • Write out a check to American Cancer Society, leave it with us (important: BEFORE FRIDAY AT 4PM), and we’ll turn it into our local committee.

Whatever you are able to do, THANK YOU from all of us!

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