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September Client of the Month: Kurt Hansberry

We are proud to honor Kurt Hansberry as our September 2021 NSS Client of the Month!

If you’re unfamiliar with the man, the myth, the legend known as Kurt Hansberry, allow us to paint you a picture...

Caring smile, great listener, passionate in his career, and let’s not forget the subtle southern accent!!

Kurt has been a part of the #NSSfamily for 10 years this month! He has displayed an unmatched dedication to the importance of weekly training sessions and has been a positive advocate of all we do here at NSS.

His kind and caring words have been influential in many of his friends also participating in our program over the years.

Kurt's consistency has enabled him to continue to play weekly rounds of golf, take long bike rides, and keep up with his high energy wife, Kathy.

Kurt may be humble when it comes to his abilities in the gym, but we must point out that he is more than capable of performing multiple bodyweight pullups while also having the ability to bring the heat with high tempo conditioning workouts showing exemplary technique in using kettlebells and medicine balls.

Thank you, Kurt, for your hard work and positive attitude over the years. The gym is a better place when you are in it and you always bring out the best in those around you, albeit through subtle razzing over sports teams or rounds of golf :)

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