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December Client of the Month: Kelly Hein

We are happy to honor Kelly Hein as our December 2023 NSS Client of the Month!

Kelly Hein is the December Client of the Month and for great reason. Kelly has been super consistent since she began training almost 3 years ago.

She doesn’t miss workouts, which has allowed her to succeed in her training and the benefits of everyday life, such as keeping up with grandkids.

Kelly is always up for a new challenge and likes to be pushed. Through her consistency in training, those challenges are becoming ever-more impressive.

At the same time, Kelly is super good about listening to her body and communicating if something needs to be adjusted on occasion.

Kelly is also a joy in the gym and embodies what it means to be a part of the #NSSfamily. Kelly always tries to make new clients feel welcome and is there to congratulate and celebrate with them or any client on their successes.

Congratulations to Kelly on the very well-deserved Client of the Month honors – thanks for all your hard work!

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