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July Clients of the Month: Christi Matt, Kim New, & Sarah Pianka

We are happy to honor Christi Matt, Kim New, & Sarah Pianka as our July 2024 NSS Clients of the Month!

This tremendous trio logs most of their workouts together, which has helped them stay SUPER consistent in their time with NSS.

All three came to us with simple goals like feeling better, getting in better shape, or returning to a routine. They had all been consistent with exercise in the past, but then life sort of got in the way due to assorted reasons. Sound familiar? It happens to most of us!

One of the main values of NSS is the accountability of a coach, which almost automatically leads to consistency. These three each signed on for two visits weekly, yet at one point this winter, they were all coming FOUR TIMES (!) weekly, using our evening group classes to add “a little extra.”

They now have more energy to push hard during their workouts, and more importantly, they have FUN whenever they’re here. Any one of their fellow evening clients can tell you about the laughter that happens when this group is in the gym.

Plus, their time in the gym pays off by making non-gym hobbies easier and more fun, from biking to kayaking to scuba diving. And THAT is a great marker of lifelong fitness!

A scheduled appointment with us is a huge advantage in keeping our #NSSfamily consistent. Still, the additional bonus of built-in workout buddies has helped this group NAIL the goal of 2-3 weekly workouts, despite life still “kinda sorta” trying to get in the way. And as our coaches will tell you, consistency is where the magic happens!

Thank you for hanging out & sharing laughs with the #NSSfamily weekly, Christi, Kim, & Sarah!

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