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June Client of the Month: Marie Shores

Updated: Jun 4

We are happy to honor Marie Shores as our June 2024 NSS Client of the Month!

Have you met Marie Shores yet? You probably haven’t seen her in the gym recently, but she is an inspiration and our Client of the Month for June!

At NSS, countless dedicated clients show up daily, working hard to achieve their fitness goals. However, this month, we want to spotlight Marie Shores, who has the drive, consistency, and ability to set and CRUSH her goals from the comfort of her home.

Marie was an in-house client several years ago, but after the pandemic, she reached out to NSS to help her create workouts for her to do at home. From day one, Marie’s work ethic and positive mindset stood out. She diligently followed her home workout programs, never making excuses. Marie has prioritized getting her training sessions in daily, no matter what else is going on (including vacations and work travel). Her consistency is unmatched.

In addition to being consistent, Marie works extremely hard in her home gym. She doesn't just go through the motions—she pushes herself on every single rep and always puts 100% effort into her workouts.

Perhaps most impressively, Marie is a master at setting goals for herself and then achieving them. Last June, Marie started tracking her weight and focusing on nutrition. After 10 months, she was down over 30 pounds…. “I feel amazing not carrying around an extra 30+ pounds.”

After smashing that original goal, she set a new goal of losing another 20-30 lbs while staying consistent with her exercise and workouts. We can't wait to congratulate her when she crushes that goal, too.

Marie’s can-do attitude, consistency, and hard work have paid off in a major way, both physically and mentally – all accomplished from her home. She looks and feels like a million bucks.

Thank you for inspiring the #NSSfamily with your dedication and positive attitude, Marie!

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